SOF TACP's in Special Tactics/Special Warfare

With all of the changes happening in the Air Force Special Operations community and the implementation of the new "Access, Strike, & Recovery" mission package within Special Tactics, what will happen with the TACP's in Special Tactics outside of the 17th STS? I know that SOF TACP's can be assigned to the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, & 26th STS's, but will that change with all of the changes that are being made?



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Unlikely (my opinion) as the 17th STS primary existence purpose is to provide special tactics Tactical Air Control Party Airmen to the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment for unconventional operations. This means utilization and tasking is anchored specifically to the needs of the 75th Ranger Regiment and its battalions. The bulk (majority) of SOF-TACPs are assigned to this STS.

The other STSs support more broader and diverse USSOCOM tasking and missions. It is reasonable to 'suggest' or 'opine' these STS might or may gain more SOF-TACP assigned to these units. My crystal ball predictions do not have (lack) the advantage of reliable sources of information.
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