STICKY: Rules of Engagement (ROEs)


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1. We receive quite a few emails and private messages asking questions that are more suited for the public. Most likely, if you have a question regarding AF SPECWAR, someone else now or in the future will have the same question. Do the community a favor and consider posting your question in the public forum before going to private message. We read every posted thread so we'll see your question regardless.

2. There is an immense amount of current news, information and advice placed on the main page of this site- outside of the forums. I encourage you to explore the site in its entirety and continually check back as we are always updating info as we receive it. Click the 'Home button in the upper left to be re-directed to the main page.

3. We do not utilize professionals to build and maintain the site. Sometimes we may miss broken links or issues throughout the site or do not have important information posted. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

4. Various contact information is littered throughout the site for official use only. Do not call anyone in a pipeline course to ask questions- that is what this forum is for. Only utilize contact info if authorized and for legitimate issues.

5. New Users are requested to post a short bio in the new users forum. What brings you to the forums?

6. If you are an prior or current Operator, let me know and I'll change your username status to operator.

7. Ordering through the site links and ads helps support the site so if you can do it, please do.

8. Don't post questions or answers that may jeopardize Operational Security (OPSEC).


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