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I'm training with aspirations of enlisting for SR, that should be obvious though given the thread location. I have done a fair amount of homework on it and had a back and forth tennis match in my head over whether or not I'm physically ready yet, I've decided I'm not. Now I just have a few questions purely out of curiosity for how the pipeline works. Let's say you wanted to make sure you got to do some cold weather training in at SERE and do it in the winter, is there a method guys have used to somewhat time their pipeline based on when they enlist to have schools be at specific times? Is there a set duration between each school or just simply the next available class? I know part of the whole reason the military is structured the way it is is to break you down and rebuild you from a physical standpoint, so should I expect to be hitting PAST minimums or crushing them by the time I enlist? All responses are welcome, rude, constructive, or positive!



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Wow, interesting gaming the system question. There are several SERE courses and there is a specific arctic course that one can attend after completing the training pipeline required for award of the 3-skill level. Plus you will be in cold weather training at some point during the pipeline.

The minimums are the qualification standards you will be held accountable to when tested. However, the daily training events are more rigorous as you will be performing simple skill and tasks every training day all day long in a physically demanding training environment. PS, you don't get coffee/smoke them if you have them breaks or I'm tired now can we take a rest options.


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For non-prior service it may be difficult. There's generally a 3-6 month backlog for shipping to basic training for AFSPECWAR candidates. But taking all of that into account, 9 weeks for basic training, 8 weeks for SWCC (previously AFSW prep), 3 weeks for A&S, 4 weeks for dive prep, 8 weeks dive school, then either airborne or SERE. That is IF there are no breaks or backlogs in between schools and you suffer no training setbacks.
So 32 weeks of training is 8 months. Given that, shipping out around March-April may likely land you in a winter class if all goes to plan.

And you should be crushing the PAST before you leave; not barely passing.
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