TSgt Desperately looking to get into AFSOC

Greetings, I'm an active duty TSgt in maintenance looking to cross-train into AFSOC whether as Enlisted or Officer whatever is most realistic and preferably, quick for my situation (ask whatever broad details of me that are relevant). I'm deep into research on what AFSOC may be like (internet, AFECD, some word of mouth) but don't yet have a direct link or mentor in the AFSOC battlefield community to give me any extra clarity on how to increase my odds. I would most prefer to be SR or STO if I cannot over-emphasize that my main focus is on getting as much operational time as I can, naturally while fulfilling whatever leadership duties are required of me, I'm not concerned with money/rank.

To add on some personal notes, I've spent years thinking of getting into AFSOC but I let a personal loss of confidence in the AF and "practical" thinking dissuade me these years. As someone who stays aware of geopolitics and global events, tragedy after tragedy I feel something inside telling me "You have to be there, you have to do something right now!" It has peaked, it barely feels like I'm able to take in air because of my frustration. SEAC CZ recently told us "Measure your worth by your contributions to the mission, not by your proximity to the fight." But after giving my all to my job and still feeling this the same, and years of talking myself down unsuccessfully, I know, with certainty I have to be there as close as possible.


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Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) is a major command as is Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, etc. It has no element of being a career field or an occupational specialty to cross train or retrain into. As a command it requires base and mission support (CE, Security Forces EOD, SERE, aircraft maintainers, and etc) personnel just like the rest of the Air Force.

Battlefield community as in battlefield Airman has been a loosely defined term since its conceptual implementation. While most structured in referring to the AFSCs now comprising the task and mission of the AFSCs comprising the Air Force Special Warfare Career and utilization fields, it also on the fringe included a few other AFSC shred outs and AFSCs such as SERE and EOD.

The enlisted 1Z Special Warfare Career field is comprised of a group of four specific occupation Specialties: 1Z1-Parararescue, 1Z2-Combat Control, 1Z3-Tactical Air Control Party, and 1Z4-Special Reconnaissance. The officer 19XXX Special Warfare Utilization Field is comprised of three shredout codes: 19ZXA-Special Tactics Officer (STO), 19ZXB-Tactical Air Control Party Officer (TACPO), and 19ZXC-Combat Rescue Officer (CRO). AFSOC and even its Special Tactics Groups and Special Tactics Squadrons have more than just these AFSCs on their Unit Manning Documents. Quite a few of these personnel other AFSCs get some significant training and provide significant contributions "as close as possible" that doesn't result in award of a new AFSC or require the individual to cross train out of current AFSC into a new AFSC.

Are you also considering perhaps Security Forces which has several specialized mission and task programs such as RAVEN, DAGRE and a few others?
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