Hey Gents,
So, I am just curious about form while doing the 25m underwater. I have been watching some YouTube videos to try and help myself along before my pool sessions and I keep hearing people . . . I guess shake their heads or not really be fans of a scissor kick as opposed to a perfectly symmetrical frog kick (whip kick).
Currently, I can complete a 25m underwater (5-6 strokes) and a 25m relaxed freestyle back in about 1:15 (about 1:20 after about 6-10 reps).
I am just curious if the form/technique matters so long as you are getting it done under time or if "proper" form is something that is stressed and graded? I am a firm believer in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" but I would also like to set myself up for success before entering the pipeline.


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You are spot on. When I train guys in the pool and evaluate their underwater form that is a little off cantor, I typically tell them there is a model that has been accepted as generally more efficient (frog kick style, 5-7 strokes, etc etc). That being said, everyone is different with what they feel most comfortable with. I encourage guys to at least play with their stroke style for at least a few underwaters to determine if one is more efficient than the other. If you are able to knock out five 1:30 interval underwaters (every 1:30, you are starting a 25m underwater and freestyle back), and you are most comfortable with the scissor kick method, then dont change it.

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