Updated intro

I posted an intro while I was still a civilian. Thought I should update it. I am a new airman at tech school waiting to PCS to RAF Mildenhall. I was dropped from my SPECWAR DEP due to my swim not improving. I am now a 2T3. I have my degree and am currently deciding if I want to attempt to cross train or apply for CRO, STO, or TACPO. If anyone is in England and need a training partner I'd be happy to put work in with you. For those that are new here this site is great for information but I suggest you use the search function before posting any questions. Also, check out Ones Ready podcasts. The guys running it are awesome and happy to be mentors for those that need it.

If you're like me and failed or have been dropped don't get discouraged, be motivated and keep going. Earn each breath and remember your why.
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