Weight Belt Swim

I apologize if this has previously been discussed, however I was unable to find an answer doing a search in the forums.
1) At some point during the training pipeline do candidates still swim with a weighted dive belt?
2) If so, do you swim with or without fins?

I greatly appreciate any help!
Benefits of swimming with a swim belt will improve your swimming in a straight line instead of weaving from one side to the other. Weight Belt Swim allows you to float deeper so that you can go anywhere while swimming. I used this and it works very well for me. I also had some benefits using this, it made me swim more than 15 minute. and also full face dive mask.
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I bought a Condor belt to hold my phone and other items while running as most athletic wear can't or doesn't have room for a traditional belt and I also didn't want things cluttering up my pockets. This belt is easy to adjust and, once adjusted to your specifications, does not need to be readjusted, even with vigorous movements. It's thick and sturdy and can withstand all kinds of abuse. Easy on and off with the buckle. Plus, for the price and quality, you can't beat it.
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