What Is Life Like For A CCT?

I'm interested in CCT and was wondering what its like (How frequently do you deploy, what are your jobs on base when not deployed)


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The task and mission isn't base support or force protection (Security Forces). The Special Warfare AFSCs are to deploy and sustain readiness to deploy as the task and mission isn't performed or accomplished at the base one considers home. Terms such OPSTEMPO and PERSTEMPO refer to statistics of how frequently in number of days one is being away from home to be there performing the task and mission. Such terms don't track demands of training to sustain competency and proficiencies in skills and qualifications or to gain higher levels and additional skills and qualifications.

The lack of clear and concise on how frequently does one deploy depends upon what is happening around the world and how many mission ready personnel are available to plug into the rotation schedule. Units typically organize into elements or teams to give some sort of stable deployment rotation schedule.

Go to YouTube and search out the One's Ready videos as they be as informative as one can find and much better than reading a long post.


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One of the unique facets of AFSPECWAR is that its one of the few enlisted jobs in the Air Force that on a normal day-to-day basis, you are TRAINING to do your job, rather than actually DOING your job.

Security Forces, Maintenance, Fuels, admin, comm, cyber... they all DO their job on a day to day basis. CCT, SR, PJ, TACP aren't real world operating normally day to day; they are training to do their jobs well when called to do so.
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