sleep – AF Special Warfare


137. New Sleep Research

Doc Brager, Army neuroscientist and sleep expert,  reviews the highlights from a recent Sleep Research meeting she thinks you should know. PJ MOAB in NY, NOV- check with your Team, we will have the most mission presentations ever.  Try to come.  

126. Sleep-optimizing training. Part 1

Dr Sara Alger is a DOD sleep research scientist and has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. She discusses the science of optimally learning and training in regards to the critical role sleep plays in encoding, retaining and retrieving new, complex information. This is important for all Operators, trainers and educators.

88. Sleep resiliency. Part 2 with Doc Brager

Doc Brager discusses sleep resiliency, prepping for overnight and multi night selection and mission objectives and some more relevant science impacting the operational side of sleep. This is an excellent discussion where research and science meet OPS.