136. Thai Cave Rescue Part 5

In this final installment of the Thai rescue Derek debriefs and summarizes some of the lessons learned.

If you found this interesting and are new to PJ Medcast go back and listen to podcasts 944-97 and listen to the series on the MV Tamar rescue mission.

Remember the Handbook is summarized in the first 20 episodes and is a great way to review the PJ Medical Operations Handbook.

Finally- with great sadness for those of you who have come to PJ Med Courses, my friend and Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Michael Graver and his wife Jodi Cohen, friend of the 103rd and the Pararescue career-fiel and pilot, died this week in a small plane crash. Dr. Graver took time out of his schedule several days a year to volunteer to teach PJs about thoracic trauma in the Cadaver lab. He was committed to teaching PJs and was always proud to read about PJs hacking the mish around the world.

That Others May Live