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Know the Difference: Special Warfare Enlisted vs Officer

Intro For prospective recruits, the decision whether to join Special Warfare as an Air Force officer or enlisted...

Air Force Special Warfare updates entrance standards with new PAST test

The Air Force has updated the PT test entrance standards for enlisted Special Warfare candidates earlier this year. The new standards...

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247. COVID SOF NYC Part 1

In April 2020 NYC was overrun by COVID.  New York Presbyterian (NYP) Medical Center comprised of several hospitals including Columbia and Cornell, exceeded capacity...

246. Quickie

Black mambas and cobras at some camps thanks Dr Abo Get POLYSERP for Africa Check out the Asclepius Snakebite Foundation: Great PDF presentation:...

244. TCCC Pain Review

Prior Ranger and Ranger PA, and extremely effective medical policy writer and educator, Andy Fisher, M.D.  just reviewed the state of the art for...