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Big changes confirmed for Special Warfare enlistments

Starting in April 2020, the Air Force will change how recruits enlist in Special Warfare specialties. The new changes provide a single...

Pentagon approves Humanitarian Service Medal for Pararescue teams’ 2017 Hurricane responses

The Joint Staff recently approved the Humanitarian Service Medal for the DoD's response to a trifecta of devastating Hurricanes in 2017. ...

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PJ MEDCAST- Podcast for PJs

216 Col Dubose Part 2

more chest trauma petals from Doc Dubose

215 Chest Trauma with Col Dubose Part 1

Doc Dubose is an experienced AF Trauma Surgeon with decades of GWOT experience. Col D discusses the trauma surgeon's perspective on incoming chest trauma,...

214. Vents with a PJ and a USAF Respiratory Tech, TSgt Noll

Easily one of our best vent podcasts.  Good sound! We are in the process of fixing the sound (of course by a NY PJ-...

211. more sTBI

an SF Doc and Duke neurointensivist talks more about sTBI