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” I just completed A&S and got selected. I made it through with no injuries whatsoever and I attribute that almost completely to the Team ST programming”

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By Special Warfare Operator and Certified Strength Coach; Coach AN

Whether you want to be a CRO, STO, PJ, CCT, Special Recon, TACPO, or TACP, Team ST will help get you there. Team ST is professionally designed and coached by AFSPECWAR operator and certified strength coach, Coach AN. The training is specifically designed to prepare you for Assessment & Selection and the pipeline with a focus on building athleticism, coordination, strength, speed and stamina. Join the team today and maximize your athletic potential.

What you get: Best in Industry

Team ST offers two training programs:
Team ST- Foundations and Team ST-Advanced. 
Both programs crush the competition’s price AND offer premier level workout programs specifically designed for Air Force Special Warfare Candidates. Arrive at A&S in the best shape of your life and with reduced risk of injury; the #1 problem facing Assessment & Selection (A&S) applicants.


  • Premium workout programming custom designed for Air Force Special Warfare Selection. Workouts delivered by industry-leading Train Heroic mobile app
  • Global access to our head Strength & Conditioning coach and programming teammates
  • UNLIMITED video feedback critiques and consultation available straight from the coach staff
  • FREE personalized Nutrition and Recovery Guide, specifically prepared for AFSPECWAR candidates
  • BONUS! Run Development Program for those struggling to drop their run times
  • Seamless Transition from Team Foundations to Team Advanced
  • 7-day free trial

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Watch how Team ST will transform your preparation!

Featuring: 7-Day No Obligation Free Trial


Foster athleticism and build a strong foundation to increase the resiliency and thus decrease risk of injury. The programming consists of a linear strength progression with concurrent training to build speed, power and endurance. To maximize this programming, athletes can expect to train for about 20-24 weeks.


Grow upon the strength, speed and power that was built through the Team ST Foundations program. Designed to enable continued performance progression & ensure you are the best possible version physically and mentally the day you arrive to selection. Choose if you:
-Maximized Team ST Foundations after 6 months
-Leaving for selection in less than 3 months

What Others Say About Team ST

“I just completed A&S …and I attribute that almost completely to Team ST”

I just completed A&S and got selected. I made it through with no injuries whatsoever and I attribute that almost completely to the Team ST programming that I followed for the year or so before I shipped. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me and guys like me. –Brian

“Huge progress in my overall athleticism”

I’ve been doing Team ST for a year now and have seen huge progress in my overall athleticism. Each exercise, from the warmups to conditioning is selected to simulate a movement in our practical environment. Before, my training consisted of “bro science” mingled with short distance swims/runs. Now I train with a purpose and push my limits everyday. –Jason

For the first time in my life, I’ve been on an intelligent program

For the first time in my life, I’ve been on an intelligent program designed specifically for tactical athletes, and it’s made a huge difference in how I feel both physically and mentally heading into my pipeline. Coach Anderson has the experience and credentials in both the military and strength and conditioning communities to tie together a sensible program for guys like us. Additionally, Coach is open and available for advice on how to modify the program to address a specific candidate’s weaknesses. –Brian

“Just PR’ed my 5k”

3 weeks in, significantly cut down on my running and increased lifting and just PR’ed my 5k. Was interested to see what would happen to my running times. Really cool to see. –Corey

“Team ST will start making a lot more sense to people”

They (306 RQS) are doing a totally different test (than the PAST), but luckily it seems more on par with the Team ST programming. So yeah, thank you for that! As we start to move toward smarter testing at the units, and we transition from the old school AFSOC to the new fully inclusive “decathalon” the training methodology for Team ST will start making a lot more sense to people. –306 RQS candidate


How will I get my workouts?

Daily workouts will be delivered right to your smartphone through a downloadable app. You will be able to watch instruction videos, log your results, compare your performance with other athletes on the team and reach out directly to Coach AN whenever needed.

I just joined and the rest of the team has been training a while. Do I have to start from the beginning?

Nope, just jump right in and get after it. The programming is specifically designed to take your current performance levels into account. The first few weeks, may actually seem fairly easy; however, as the weeks progress, the difficulty will sneak up on you and transform you into an entirely new athlete.

If I stay on the team too long will my performance plateau?

Not at all. Each phase will have a different focus area while maintaining the primary goal of developing athletic performance. The Foundations programming is designed to establish your true base level of strength and maximize total body coordination. In order to do this you will have several repeating lifts that will be combined with very specific and ever-changing accessory movements. The repeating lifts will follow a linear progression based on your previous week’s performance.
Eventually, this progression will induce failure and calculated resets will ensure you can break through those plateaus. It is these lifts, conducted 1000’s upon 1000’s of times that will build a tensile strength within your muscle fibers and increase your overall durability. Even more, when conducted with the accessory lifts and conditioning work, you will develop speed, stamina and total body coordination. Once athletes have trained consistently on the Foundations program for approximately 5-6 months, they will easily be able to switch to the Advanced team where we will begin to focus on other limiting factors that can cause plateaus and performance gaps. These steps will ensure continued progress all the way up until you leave for selection.

Samples from the workout app

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