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DoD Sites

US Air Force Official Recruiting Website special operations page.  Get basic information, watch cool videos.  Get linked up with a recruiter.

US Air Force ANG Official Recruiting Site special operations page.  Get basic info, location and recruiter info for the Air National Guard.

US Air Force Reserve Official Recruiting Site Basic career field info and contact forms to recruiters for the Air Force Reserve.

AFSOC Recruiting Page (24 SOW) Providing career field info, recruiter liaison contacts and PAST test data.

Go SERE Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Specialist resources and information.

Special Warfare MilSuite (CAC Enabled Access only) Basic Q&A information for Special Warfare retrainee candidates

Foundations and Associations

TACP Association providing support to those members and families in their moment of need and to better the communities in which we reside.  Also home of the TACP reunion.

Pararescue Association Provides the initiative and resources to promote special events and activity, and to document the history, heritage and legacy of United States Air Force Pararescuemen.  Home of the PJ Reunion.

Combat Control Association Membership organization of Combat Controllers, past and present. Actively engaged in assisting the membership in its mission to extend the proud history, heritage, and fraternity of Combat Controllers. Home of the CCT reunion.

PJ Foundation Supporting PJ and CROs, veterans and their families. Relieving the physical and psychological demands of service & Providing tragedy, transition, and education assistance.  DONATE to the cause.

The Combat Control School and Heritage Foundation Preserving the heritage and history, documenting the past and present for Combat Control warriors.

Misc Info Pages

Sgt Mac’s Team Room CCT-focused page with articles, history, photo gallery

John’s Place Pararescue focused with treasures of historical information and long-form articles.

PJ is the home for Pararescue Medicine.  It complements the podcast PJ MEDCAST and provides more information and news for training and situational awareness.

4 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Do you guys sell any AFSPECWAR patches? I’m a PJ at the 26 and am trying to get us some swag that will identify everyone at the squadron as belonging to one “umbrella” specialty rather than individual AFSCs.

    1. Howdy,
      I was the Maintenance Officer over the 41st Helicopter Maintenance Unit (now the Regeneration Squadron) at Moody and I was able to get my guys RESCUE patches with HH-60Gs on them from They’re good quality for a low price. They’ll take any design and put it on a patch, including some Green Feet I also ordered from them.

  2. I’m heading to MEPS soon and I’m working with an intel recruiter. I live in Massachusetts and I haven’t had any luck locating a AFSPECWAR recruiter for the reserves or guard. I’m prior service airborne infantry working in law enforcement, I’m in good shape and PT regularly. I realize I would have travel for a AFSPECWAR unit in either the reserves or guard. Would someone be able to provide guidance on how to locate and contact an AFSPECWAR recruiter? Thank you

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