The Special Warfare Operational Fitness Test – AF Special Warfare
TACP PT test

The Special Warfare Operational Fitness Test

The Special Warfare Tier 2 Operational Fitness Test is an operational-focused Special Warfare PT Test, designed for Combat Control (CCT), Pararescue (PJ), Special Reconnaissance (SR), Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Special Tactics (STO), and Combat Rescue Officer (CRO), Tactical Air Control Party Officer (TACPO) operators and pipeline trainees. The Tier 2 requirements ensure Special Warfare operators have the necessary physical abilities to perform the critical physical tasks inherent to their operational duties. The Tier 2 test replaces the requirement for operators to the Air Force Tier 1 PT test.

The Tier 2 OFT is also used as a physical competence ‘gate’ for operator applicants throughout multiple phases of the Special Warfare pipeline. Operator candidates should be prepared to take the OFT at multiple points through training.

The operator PT Test must be completed in order. The uniform for all PT test events is the combat top and bottom with boots. (The swim is performed with combat top & bottom with booties and fins, mask and optional snorkel).

Download the official AFSPECWAR Operational Fitness Test (OFT) INSTRUCTIONS AND SCORESHEET HERE.

PT Test Uniform: Combat Top and Bottom with boots. (Photo Courtesy: USAF)

Scoring Chart


  • The minimum passing composite score for the Special Warfare PT test is 77.
  • Any score below the event minimum number on the chart is considered a failure for the event.

Event List

3 mile Ruck March

  • 3 mile course should be level/even as possible
  • Ruck weight will be >60 lbs dry weight
  • Running is not permitted

Rest: < 30 minutes before next event

Standing Long Jump

  • Place toes just behind start line.
  • Falling backwards or to the side will count; falling forward is authorized if feet stay planted
  • Measure from start line to the heel closest to the start line
  • The distance from the start line to the back of the heel (closest to the starting line) is measured
  • Perform 3 trials. Score the best distance.

Rest: 1 to 5 minutes before next event

Pro Agility

Pro Agility is scored twice: While moving right first and also moving left first (reference the scoring table).

Pro Agility Course
  • Setup 3 cones at 5 yards (15 ft) intervals on a level, non-slip surface
  • Assume a 3-point stance straddling the middle cone
  • Sprint 5 yards to the 1st cone (on either the left or right side), change direction and run 10 yards to the 2nd cone, change direction and run back to start cone
  • The operator’s hand must touch the line every time except final sprint through final cone. Record time to the nearest tenth.
  • Each starting direction may be trialed twice (if desired). Score the best time for each direction.

Rest: 1 to 5 minutes before next event

Trap Bar Deadlift 3-Rep Max

  • Utilize a hex-bar for deadlift. Grip location should be mid-shin.
  • IMPORTANT: Utilize proper lifting technique- back flat or slightly arched, head up, heels on floor
  • There should be slight pause at the top of this movement. Trap bar must touch floor before you begin the next repetition.
  • Record best 3-rep Max weight (in lbs.)

Rest: 1 to 5 minutes before next event


  • Start from dead-hang, palms facing away. Pull body up until the chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar and return to the dead-hang.
  • Legs may bend but cannot be kicked or used in any way to aid upward movement
  • Falling off or letting go of the bar terminates the test

Rest: 1 to 5 minutes before next event

Farmer’s Carry 100 yards

  • Utilize a 100yd (300ft) straight & level course (or alternatively, use a 50yd (150ft) course with a single turn-around point.)
  • Pick up (2) 53 lb kettlebells via their handle behind the start line. Do not cradle the weight in your arms. On ‘Go’, sprint with the two kettlebells in hand from start line to finish line.
  • Record time to the nearest tenth.

Rest: 1 to 5 minutes before next event

Shuttle Run 300 yards

  • **Average time of two runs. Utilize a 5 minute rest in between each run**
  • Utilize a 25 yd (75ft) straight & level course.
  • On ‘Go’, sprint to the 25 yd line and touch the line with one foot, then turn to sprint back to the starting line and repeat for six total round trips (300yds).

Rest: 15 to 30 minutes before next event

1500m Fin Swim

  • Use side stroke, combat side stroke or lead arm trail arm to complete the distance. A push off is allowed at each turn
  • Fins, Mask, Booties/water shoes/boots are required. Snorkel is optional
  • Take note if the utilized pool is measured in meters or yards
    • 1500m = 30 laps in a 25m pool (lap = down and back)
    • 1500m = 32.8 laps in a 25yd pool (lap = down and back)