Updated Special Warfare PAST test released for 2021 – AF Special Warfare
PAST Test 2021 preview

Updated Special Warfare PAST test released for 2021

Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC) has released an updated Physical Ability Stamina Test (PAST) for 2021. The test, utilized to screen Special Warfare candidates applying for elite Air Force positions now includes officer screening along with a few other minor modifications. This marks the first time the PAST includes officer candidate criteria.

What’s New

  • A Special Tactics Officer & Combat Rescue Officer (STO/CRO) column has been added to the form. The standards are more difficult compared to their enlisted counterparts: (12 pullups/75 situps/64 pushups) and the run and swim distances have been extended, 3 mi and 1500m swim respectively.
  • A Tactical Air Control Party Officer (TACPO) column has been added to the form. The standards are in-line with Pararescue/Combat Control/TACP/Special Reconnaissance enlisted retraining or prior service candidates.
  • Instructions on how to administer the PAST are now included on the same document (page 2). The instructions remain generally unchanged from previous editions.
  • Removal of candidate personal information (eg. address, date of birth), enabling easier distribution of the form when filled out with candidate info.
  • The test administrator (AFSPECWAR operator or Air Force PTL) endorsement can now be completed by the administrator’s superintendent. Previously, only the administrator’s commander could endorse the form.

What’s Not New

  • Enlisted standards (PJ/CCT/SR/EOD/SERE) remain unchanged from the prior 2020 version.
  • Special Warfare Open Enlisted (SWOE), which applies to non-prior service applicants, still has their own standards block. It differs slightly from the retraining/prior service candidates standards with a longer surface swim time allowance.

Download the PAST worksheet & additional info

Download the latest 2021 version of the PAST test and find out additional info on our dedicated PAST test page. If you have questions about administering, preparing for, or taking the PAST test, our 4,000+ person community forums is an excellent place to get answers.

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