154. Endocrine Emergencies

Required listening for PJ Med Paramedic recertification. Thyroid, diabetic and adrenal emergencies discussed. Thanks to Doc Simon! PJ Foundation (PJF) winter retreat coming up. Please send a check...

154. Nutrition Part 2 Sam Leyh

Part 2 of our foundational discussion on general nutrition for the operator.

153. Nutrition for the Operator Part 1

Sam Leyh, physiologist for the Air Force Research Laboratory discusses general nutrition concepts for the operator.  We cover the role of macronutrients, use of supplements, nutrition requirements for health,...

152. The Future for Pararescue Medicine

Doc Dorsch discusses the leadership transition for PJ Medicine and thoughts about where we will be going.

151. Hydrating for missions and training

Doc Ohara is back with a detailed discussion on hydration for training and missions. Warm weather considerations reviewed, and a discussion of research he has done as a Physiologist...

150 New Handbook Update

PJ Med Director Col Dorsch discusses updates to the new edition of the handbook. Dilaudid and ketamine drip for PFC pain control.

149 Quickie

Slots open up for the NYC Feb refresher. A discussion and review of some of the points raised in the podcast with the Trauma Surgeon. Review of...

148. Special Episode with Surgeon, recent observations

A recently deployed and very experienced DOD trauma surgeon just came back from a deployment and shares observations and thoughts on overuse of certain techniques and emphasizing know the...


Our HAF CRO FAM discusses the move that we have been waiting for with a description, explanation and the vision for the rebranding and move to Air Force Special...

146. Ginger Part 2

 Part 2 of discussing paramedic and PJ education and training. In memory of President George H.W. Bush. President and Naval Aviator.

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156. Col Dorlac Part 1

Doc Dorlac discusses his perspective on a career of Deployments as a Trauma Surgeon and Trauma Leader in theater through OEF and OIF. He...
BG Tudor ceremony

Commander of Special Tactics enterprise promoted to brigadier general

Courtesy: DVIDS Hundreds of family, friends and teammates gathered as U.S. Air Force Col. Claude K. Tudor, Jr., commander...

154. Quickie- care under fire, documentation, med plans for training

Quickie- 1. We review care under fire, simplifying training to SHOOT MOVE TOURNIQUET.  2. Preparing for the worst for a training mishap.  They happen...