PJ Medcast – AF Special Warfare

PJ Medcast

277. ALERT

Please sign up for this great organization which supports military families. Lots of great benefits and opportunities for you and your family, as well as support in times of need. This organization exists to support you! Please share this widely with mil members. https://bluestarfam.org    

275. Mountain Warfare

Dr Emily Johnston is an Emergency Medicine Physician, High Altitude Mountain Guide, and civilian instructor for the Military Mountain Medicine Program with Col (RET) Wedmore. She discusses the latest on altitude illness and treatment, with many practical tips. THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE

273. COVID Update

Dr. David Hirschwerk is an Infectious Disease specialist at North Shore University Hospital on Long Island, which is an educational partner of the 103rd Rescue Squadron. We are in our second wave, over 300,000 deaths and the vaccine came out this week.  Dr. Hirschwerk discusses how we got here and what we have learned. THAT …

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269. O Low Titer Program for Operators

Mr Castleton from the Armed Forces Blood program discusses how to do it. This is mission critical for PJ Teams and you should insatiate this now. The ability to have a walking blood bank with universal donors is game changing on the ground. THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE