The PAST test

The Physical Ability Stamina Test (PAST) represents the minimum entrance standards for Special Warfare, SERE and EOD career fields. The PAST must be successfully completed prior to:

1- Award of a Special Warfare Open Enlistment contract

2- The start of Special Warfare preparation courses

3- Cross-training into a Special Warfare AFSC as part of the retraining package or prior service

THE PAST Standards and Current Worksheet

1) The PAST Worksheet (dated 13 Jan 2021) contains the standards for Special Warfare Open Enlistment (SWOE), PJ, CCT, SR, TACP Special Warfare retraining/prior service candidates, TACP-Officer, Combat Rescue Officer/Special Tactics Officer, SERE and EOD all on one worksheet.

PAST test Preview 2020
PAST Test Worksheet


Video Instructions


The PAST Test instructions are now located on the second page of the PAST worksheet.

  • A guide to the codes in block 1:
    • NPS: Non-Prior Service. Those that have no prior military service time.
    • PS: Prior Service. Those that have non-Air Force prior military service time (eg. Army, Navy, Marines)
    • Ret/Crossflow: Retrainee or Crossflow. Current Air Force members seeking to retrain
    • AD: Active Duty. Applying for an active duty position
    • Guard/Reserve: Applying for a guard/reserve position
  • The PAST must be completed with strict form standards. Complying with the PAST instructions is essential. An applicant or the administrator does themselves no favors if they allow sloppy calisthenics form in order to pass an individual. Special Warfare instructors at the entrance courses will weed applicants out if their form is not perfect.
  • Successful completion of the PAST should not be used as a gauge whether you will be successful or not during the pipeline. Applicants should aim to far exceed the PAST standards. (Example: A PJ/CCT/SR recruit should not consider 25m underwaters at a 3 min interval an acceptable standard. They should train for 1:30 min underwater intervals prior to starting the course if they hope to have a good shot at graduating.)
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