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Air Force Combat Dive School

Course Summary

The Air Force Combat Dive Course teaches students diving fundamentals through open circuit self contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) training and closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) training. Students learn basic diving, advanced rescue diving principles and advanced combat diving fundamentals. Upon completion of the course, students are certified Special Operations Command (SOCOM) combatant divers, learning to use scuba and closed circuit diving equipment to covertly infiltrate denied areas. The 8-week course provides training to depths of 130 feet, stressing development of maximum underwater mobility under various operating conditions. 

Air Force Dive School
NAS Panama City. Air Force Dive School in foreground. (Photo Courtesy: US Navy)

Administratively, the Air Force Dive School is divided into two separate courses; open and closed circuit.  Students will see both courses run together concurrently without a break in instruction. In addition to the information found on this page, be sure to check out the AF Dive School Web Page for additional instructions:

Total Course Length: 8 weeks

Open Circuit: 5 weeks

Closed Circuit: 3 weeks

Location: Naval Support Activity, Panama City, FL

Who attends: ALL PJ, SR, CCT and officer equivalent Pipeline Students

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Open Circuit Dive

ETCA Education & Training Course Announcements
Title: Air Force Combat Dive Open Circuit
Date Added: 3/16/2018
Date Updated: 3/16/2018
Length: 20 Training Days
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command
Class Freq: 6 classes per fiscal year

Admin Instructions
Reporting Location (All Students):
Air Force Combat Dive Course (AFCDC) RM # 221
Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC)
350 South Crag Rd.
Panama City Beach, Florida 32407
(850) 636 – 6243
Any student attending Air Force Combat Dive Course (AFCDC) will be required to report at a minimum 1 day prior to the initial course start date.
Visit AFCDC website for more information and POCs at
If the candidates have not completed a hyperbaric chamber pressure test IAW the USN Dive Manual, they are required to report a week prior to original course start date with appropriate medical documents in hand as listed below. Those who arrive without appropriate medical documents in hand, will be required to attain their records on their personal time. Those who fail to attain their records by the first Wednesday of the course at 1300L will be dropped from the course and will be sent back to their home unit, at their home unit’s expense.
The medical documents are:
-Current SF 2808 (Dive Physical – must contain full neurological examination, chest x-ray report, and copy of 12 lead EKG strip);
-Current SF 2807 (Report of medical history); Current AF 2992 (Flight Physical); DD Form 2766 (Immunization record);
-Pressure test verification (must be completed prior to arrival unless pre-coordinated with AFCDC). The AF 2992 is mandatory to start day one of course; those who do not have a current AF 2992 or equivalent will be sent back to their home unit.

Students arriving Panama City will fly into Panama City Beach, Florida International Airport, AIRPORT identifier “ECP”. At the airport, students will notify a taxi to take them to Naval Support Activity- Panama City (NSA – Panama City). Next, the students will travel to Air Force Combat Dive Course and report to the first available Military Training leader located on the second floor in Room 221.

Equipment Required:
Air Force Combat Dive Course (AFCDC) Packing List:
The following items are required (unless stated “optional”) for all Air Force students and must be in serviceable condition. All students must arrive and maintain meeting Air Force uniform and grooming standards:
All Students MUST HAND CARRY the following items for day one:
-Current SF 2808 (Dive Physical) Must contain: Full neurological exam, chest x‐ray radiologist’s report, Copy of 12 lead EKG strip
-Current SF 2807 (report of medical history)
-Current AF 2992 (or 1042 until phased out)
-NavPers 1200/6 (Diving Medical Screening Questionnaire).  Must be completed within 30 days of Course start date
-Hyperbaric pressure test verification (must be completed prior to arrival unless pre‐coordinated with AFCDC)
Note: Missing any of the above paperwork may prevent you from starting the course.

Personal Equipment
2 x Garrison ABU’s
2 x Field Multicams or ABU’s
2 x Uniform cap‐ 1 X Garrison, 1 X Field
1 x “booney” cap (optional)
2 x Belt with buckle (1 x Garrison, 1 x Field “swim”)
2 x Boots – (1 x Garrison, 1 x Field)
1 x Dive Booties (optional)
5 x Socks, (black) cushion sole, 5 pairs minimum
Minimum 6 x Sand or Brown T‐shirt (marked on arrival at AFCDC per staff direction)
1 x black gloves (Nov‐Apr)
1 x Watch cap, black (Nov‐Apr)
1 x Field jacket or GORTEX ‐ (Nov‐Apr)
Rain gear (Issued garments only)
2 x Running shoes – (1 x classroom, 1 x PT) plus 1 pair flip‐flops/shower shoes
7 x Socks (White)
5 x Cotton underwear (White) wear under issued UDT shorts
1 x USAF (Gray) Sweats, top and bottom (PJ Trainee sweats from Indoc/CCT Keesler issued sweats)
2 x Towel
Minimum 6 x Running shorts – Blue or Black (as issued)
1 x Personal Back Pack – (ensure compliance with AFI 36‐2903)
1 x Pen/pencil, notebook, high‐lighter, index cards
1 x 1‐gallon water container, any type (Arizona Tea container recommended)
1 x I.D. tag set
2 x Military Issue Eyeglasses (as required)
Full Medical and dental record either in hand or available on HAIMS (call DSN 436‐5260 for questions)
Shot records or printout showing current shots
Government Travel Card
Military ID Card

Successful completion of Pre-Scuba school.

Special Requirements
TDY to School orders must reflect both LCAZP1XXXX 01OB/LCAZP1XXXX 01CB, (CCT/SR/STO students). Students will not return to their home units between the Open and Closed Circuit Dive courses.

Course Description
Air Force Combat Dive Course is a SOCOM approved course that incorporates diving fundamental in both Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) and closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus (UBA). The total program is broken up into two phases of training, open circuit and closed circuit. Students will learn basic diving and advanced rescue diving principles during the open circuit (SCUBA) portion of training. Next, students will learn advanced combat diving fundamental during the close circuit (UBA) portion of training. Upon completion of training, the student will be a certified SOCOM approved combatant diver.

Closed Circuit Dive

All ETCA reporting instructions for the Closed Circuit course are the same as Open Circuit except for the following course information:

Course ID: LCAZP1XXXX 01CB Status: Active
Title: Air Force Combat Dive Closed Circuit
Length: 13 training days
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command
Class Freq: 6 classes per fiscal year

Successful completion of course LCAZP1XXXX 01OB, Air Force Combat Dive Open Circuit

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