Alaska Air Force Pararescue perform dramatic cliff rescue – AF Special Warfare
alaska pararescue cliff

Alaska Air Force Pararescue perform dramatic cliff rescue

On Tuesday, July 14, a rock climber fell from a steep area after her anchor gave way near a place known to rock climbers as the Monolith. The area, 60 miles north of Anchorage in southern Alaska, is known for its impressive and challenging rock climbing routes. The video, attained by Must Read Alaska, features the Alaska’s elite Air National Guard team in action.

The female climber was severely injured and hung on from a ledge on the near vertical cliff. The Alaska Air National Guard’s 212th Rescue Squadron Pararescue Team and 210th RQS HH-60G helicopter were called into action. The Pararescue team was inserted atop the cliff and setup a rappel system down to the injured climber.

The weather turned from fair to foul within minutes and the rescue proceeded in the driving rain. The rescue teams utilized the available helicopter to perform a daring hoist of the injured climber and her companion off of the cliff’s edge and to safety.