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How to interpret PULHES; military medical profile

The physical profile (PULHES) is a system for classifying individuals according to functional abilities as defined by Accession Medicine standards. The letter designators are to be considered for the following factors:

  • P—Physical capacity or stamina. Includes conditions of the heart, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system, nervous system, allergic, endocrine, metabolic and nutritional diseases, diseases of the blood and blood forming tissues, dental conditions, diseases of the breast, and all other organic defects and diseases that do not fall under other specific factors of the system (e.g., underweight/overweight).
  • U—Upper extremities. Includes the hands, arms, shoulder girdle, and upper spine (thoracic and cervical) with regard to strength, range of motion and general efficiency.
  • L—Lower extremities. Includes the feet, legs, pelvic girdle, lower back and lower spine (lumbar and sacral) with regard to strength, range of motion and general efficiency.
  • H—Hearing and ears. Includes auditory acuity and diseases and defects of the ear.
  • E—Eyes. Includes visual acuity and diseases and defects of the eye.
  • S—Psychiatric. Includes personality, emotional stability, psychiatric diseases, and any substance abuse disorders.

For applicants who are processing under the DoD initial entry medical standards (DoDI 6130.03), each letter designator must be assigned a numerical designator 0, 1, 3T or 3P.

PULHES example
Example of an applicant’s PULHES profile
  • O—Open status. Further information, such as medical treatment records or consultation is needed. UMF 40-1-2, Record of Medical Examination/Treatment, may be given to the applicant to assist in procuring additional medical information and/or documents required to complete the med read and/or medical examination.
  • 1—Qualified. Meets the medical fitness standards of the current version of DoDI 6130.03.
  • 3T—Disqualified for a temporary medical condition. Must be given an Return Justified date (aka the date the condition will resolve itself) based on knowledge of medical condition natural history and/or regulatory guidance.
  • 3P—Disqualified for a permanent medical condition (or one for which the profiler wishes to forward to the medical waiver authority for consideration).

Reference: USMEPCOM 40-1