AFSPECWAR Preparatory Course – AF Special Warfare

AFSPECWAR Preparatory Course

Prior to beginning Assessment and Selection (A&S) or the TACP selection school, students will experience 8 weeks or training at the AFSPECWAR Prep course. Designed for students coming out of basic and prior enlisted (but not for cross-trainees), Prep prepares students for the ultimate challenge of A&S.

Prep Course Intro

The Prep course is formally listed as 8 weeks long but is actually 9 weeks with the inclusion of an inprocessing “Zero Week” . Non-prior service candidates arrive at Prep directly after finishing basic training. Prior service and officer candidates will arrive directly from their travel point.

Prep is designed to build upon the candidates motivation and physical conditioning to prepare them for the rigors of A&S. The Prep training staff includes olympic-trial athletes, prior operators, a sports psychologist, nutritionist, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists. The Prep staff utilize a holistic approach to prepare every facet of the candidate for A&S.

Features of Prep

Prep utilizes state of the art technology and techniques and practices to improve the candidate during 8 weeks of training.

The course combines regularly scheduled strength, conditioning and pool workouts with rehabilitation and courses that focus on nutrition and proper techniques.

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To prepare for the hardships of A&S, Prep utilizes a stair step approach to ensure candidates are physically and mentally fit. Approaches to this include but are not limited to alternate water-con sessions and extended training days.

The Prep staff commonly experience applicants showing up with injuries prior to course start. Additionally, A&S experiences student failures due to injuries constantly. While the Prep staff work to reduce and mitigate existing injuries, it is essential that students show up healthy to Prep. The Prep staff are able to accomplish significant improvements but should not be considered miracle workers.


Can applicants quit during Prep?

Yes, students are allowed to quit the Prep course after completing an interview with the Prep Course’s superintendent. Prep is not designed to be a selection course and stress is minimal, so quitting occurrences are rare.

Are applicants allowed to switch AFSW jobs while at Prep?

Yes, students are allowed to switch jobs if they have determined during prep or BMT that they would rather pursue another specialty and still qualify for that career field’s entry requirements (such as ASVAB score).

Where is Special Warfare Prep Located?

Prep is located on Lackland AFB, TX next to the Lackland Airman’s Attic. A running track is next to the facility and the Chaparral Pool is two blocks away. The prep course’s beds, chow hall, workout & rehab facilities are all housed within the Prep complex. Sleeping arrangements are open bay.

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