102. NASA and Space with Doc Menon – AF Special Warfare

102. NASA and Space with Doc Menon

Doc Menon is an AF Flight Surgeon with prior OEF deployments with Moffet,  and a NASA Crew Surgeon. He discusses his background with experience on Mt Everest and in Haiti after the earthquake, and how they impact how he thinks about care in Space and other low resource, austere environments.

He then gives us an overview of what happens to humans in space from a medical and physiological perspective, as well as what PJs should expect when you pull an Astronaut out of the capsule.

Finally, we get a brief operational overview of the coming space mission.

This concise discussion contains good intel for SA for the Space Recovery Mission.

Look into the Pararescue Foundation for the March winter retreat and ski tour for Operators in need of decompression and reconstitution.