123. Stem Cells – AF Special Warfare

123. Stem Cells

This podcast introduces Sean Berman who has performed medical research on stem cells and TBI.  Stem cells hold promise in the treatment of various injuries and degenerative conditions and have been used by several clinics.

Sean will explain the science of stem cells and specifically stem cells harvested from a patient’s own fat.

This is the first of several podcasts that will introduce you to stem cells, the state of current understanding and use, the promises and what is known.  The podcasts will culminate in discussions with PJs who have gone for this therapy.

The reference for the paper is:

Effective Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury in

Rowett Nude Rats with Stromal Vascular

Fraction Transplantation

Sean Berman 1,*, Toni L. Uhlendorf 2, Mark Berman 1 and Elliot B. Lander 1

Brain Sci. 2018, 8, 112; doi:10.3390/brainsci8060112