147. ALERT: AFSPECWAR – AF Special Warfare


Our HAF CRO FAM discusses the move that we have been waiting for with a description, explanation and the vision for the rebranding and move to Air Force Special Warfare. A glimpse into the future of Pararescue and AFSPECWAR. 


                   ACCESS- STRIKE- RECOVER

                            Global access

                           Precision Strike

                       Rescue and Recovery

3 thoughts on “147. ALERT: AFSPECWAR”

  1. Very Informative, thanks for the information. Do you know where we can go to find more information on the new SOWT roles?

    1. Info is sparse at the moment as the change to Special Reconnaissance is in progress. We’ll do some deep digging and see what we can find out for you.

      1. Thank you! Also if you have any information on the SOWT training pipeline in general (aware there are going to be significant changes) that would be helpful. Very interested in going after that pipeline.

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