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PJ Medcast

257. Quickie

Mt Sinai Icahn School of Medicine Flex Program Hofstra Zucker School of Medicine Direct admissions for SOF, no MCAT if qualified Intro to 23.4 hypertonic saline for brain herniation in the field Teaser on MCI research THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE

256. Moffet Jump Msn

A sailor fell ~35 feet on a ship in the Pacific- way out. Jump mission, 48 hrs PFC for spine, pelvis and extremity trauma, helo hoist off with multiple ARs.  Stay tuned for the 212th high angle mish coming up…   THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE 

255 Optimizing Mindset and the role of a Performance Psychologist

Dr Christine Sanchez is a SOF Performance Psychologist with over a decade of experience. She is an asset available to Guard and Reserve Teams, as well as AD, as a consultant. 5 Habits of High Performers to maintain cognitive bandwidth (direct focus & self-regulate psychophysiology)   1) Optimize mindset and facilitate productive failures 2) Engage …

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254. Airway Basics

Travis is a TCCC Committee member, and prior Pararescue Medical Programs Manager. Travis is reviewing the TCCC Airway guidelines and found some surprising literature and details about the basics. This is a great discussion reflecting a lot of detective work. Thanks to Travis for dong this, emphasizing how important it is to question and validate …

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252. Defining Risk

Check out Preston Cline and Coleman Ruiz on their podcast and website at Mission Critical Teams Institute. Improving performance for special teams, from an academic and Tier 1 perspective. Website:   MissionCTI.com Check out their podcast at MCTI TEAMCAST

250. mTBI with PJ Ian

PJ Ian discusses the diagnosis of mTBI in austere operational and training environments, operational relevance, importance to post service records, considerations regarding reaction time, and a new  tool on the horizon to assist medics. THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE