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Charlie PJ

Charlie The PJ

Charlie the PJ Charlie’s Rules are as follows:

  1. Charlie will be absconded only by fully and currently qualified or retired PARARESCUEMEN.
  2. Any effort by non-Pararescue personnel to abscond Charlie will be met with the full, unified force of the career field.
  3. Charlie will physically occupy and dominate a place of honor at all Pararescue functions in which his presence is expected.
  4. Efforts to abscond Charlie will not be instituted until the final hours of the function of which he is in attendance.
  5. Only covert measures reflecting great pride upon the Pararescue career field will be employed during Charlie’s acquisition.
  6. Physical violence will not be employed except during circumstances in Rule 2 above.
  7. Area destruction during any acquisition effort will be kept to a minimum except during circumstances reflected in Rule 2 above.
  8. Charlie will not be altered or changed in any manner unless authorized by the consensus of the Pararescue Association officiated by the President of the Association.
  9. His location need not be made public; however, he will be prominently displayed at all times during his tenure at his hosting Pararescue team’s section.
  10. Charlie will be transferred from point-to-point only through the most secure means, inclusive of U.S. Postal System, UPS, Federal Express, etc.
  11. If Charlie is absconded by a recognized Pararescue retiree, that individual will not retain custody of him for more than one seven- day period before surrendering him to the operational Pararescue team of his choice.

— OR —
The curse of a thousand PJs will be on you
if you violate these written rules!

It occurred in a moment of enlightenment in the tropical island group of Fiji in 1964; a chance meeting of one who was known throughout the Pararescue career field for his unwavering boast, “I’ll whip yo’ butt, sukka!” even as he laid sprawled across the floor; the other one was so bad-ugly, the former, no raving beauty himself, instantly felt sorry for the latter.
Yes, Tony “Don’t-hate-me-because-I’m-beautiful” Willis was drawn, witnesses state, by nothing less than familial kinship to the object that day: an eighteen-inch high carved wooden South Sea demi-god of unbelievable proportions and ugliness. If beauty is cast in the eye of the beholder, Tony is unequivocally blind.
The thing was christened “Charlie”, and immediately took on new dimensions within the Pararescue career field. He even began to receive better treatment and greater respect then Tony. At Eglin AFB’s 48th Air Rescue and Recovery Service, Howard Harley administered Charlie an initial Pararescue Qualification Check-ride, which Charlie accomplished with a solid Q-1, earning his coveted maroon beret, a parachute, diving mask, and fins.
Word of Charlie’s uniqueness and symbolism began to spread throughout the career field, and his presence was demanded at numerous postings. The 48th, however, was solidly intransigent about any Permanent Change of Station for its primo PJ; and that’s when it all began.
In the latter periods of that year, an unknown assailant – or assailants – within the Pararescue Brotherhood, infiltrated Charlie’s quarters and whisked him away to the scenic location of the 55th ARRS, then located on the Atlantic isle of Bermuda. It was the first in a long line of stealthy abductions of Charlie the PJ.
Knowledge of Charlie’s propensity for travel raced through the career field. Short-notice PCS’s became the norm for the little gnome, starting in the spring of 1965 when Aaron Farrior liberated Charlie from the 55th for a tour in Tripoli, Libya. That summer of 1965, through the summer of 1967, Charlie leaped continents: back to the United States, then to Southeast Asia, and on to Europe. By 1968 he was made the guest of the 40th ARRW, complements of travel arrangements made by Master Sergeant “Dashing Dan” Daniels.
By December, Master Sergeant Charles Kezer firmly believed that – by name alone – Charlie should be a member of his team at the 67th ARS in Moron, Spain. Both Charlie’s were so delighted with each other, that when the 67th PCS’d to Woodbridge, United Kingdom, in December 1969, Charlie the PJ, with orders, went also.
As accurately as possible, the following reconstruction depicts Charlie’s worldwide travel escapades:

196448 ARSEglin AFB, FLHoward Hadley
196458 ARSBermudaTom White and Lou Craig
196558 ARSTripoli, LibyaAaron Farrior
196548 ARSEglin AFB, FLAaron Farrior
196638th ARRS, Det 5Udorn, ThailandAaron Farrior
196767th ARRSMoron, SpainAaron Farrior
1968AARCRamstein, GermanyBill Daniels
196867th ARRSMoron, SpainKezer and Pappy Lacasse
1969PCS of the 67th ARRSWoodbridge, UKCharles Kezer
196956th ARRSLajes, AzoresUnknown
196967th ARRSMoron, SpainFarrior
197056th ARRSLajes, AzoresKO Kelly and Wassuta
197067th ARRSWoodbridge, UKWetzel and Phythian
197056th ARRSLajes, AzoresUnknown
197167th ARRSWoodbridge, UKFlower and Phythian
197256th ARRSLajes, AzoresSgt. Wassuta
197339th ARRW, Det 1Homestead AFB, FLUnknown
197339th ARRW, Det 15Patrick AFB, FLUnknown
197455th ARRSEglin AFB, FLUnknown
1974HQ ARRSScott AFB, ILMSgts Farrior and Stemple
197455th ARRSEglin AFB, FLJim Sargent and John Ford
1974UnknownMcClellan AFB, CAWheeler, Wetzel and Team
1974UnknownElmendorf AFB, AKUnknown
1974UnknownMarch AFB, CAUnknown
1975PJ ReunionFt. Walton Beach, FLBob (Willy) Williamson

For ten years, Charlie the PJ languished in the doldrums of premature retirement. By universal, career field-wide demand, he was returned to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It was a momentous affair, highlighted by Charlie’s reenlistment conducted by Major General William Mall, Commander, Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service.
But an uneventful occasion it was not. Just as the General was inducting Charlie, the ballroom lights were suddenly extinguished. A mad stampede was heard converging upon the table where Charlie sat. Tables crashed, chairs flew, women shrieked, and PJ’s fought. When the lights came back on, only empty-handed, red-faced, bewildered PJs could be seen. Charlie was nowhere to be found.
And with good reason. For under the table scrunched Chief Master Sergeant Dave Milsten (Chief, USAF Pararescue), with Charlie securely contained within his sinewy arms. The Chief had foiled a multi-effort conspiracy to, once again, PCS Charlie to the far-flung reaches of the world. General Mall, regaining his composure, ordered the Chief to protect and safeguard with his life (and any future hopes for any semblance of a safe and sane USAF career – as if the Chief were already leading such a lifestyle), and ordered the beloved mascot to be returned to Headquarters, ARRS. With those orders, the Chief promptly concealed Charlie from harm’s way and evaded out of the ballroom.
But that is not to say other attempts to abscond Charlie did not occur that night. Several more body-snatch attempts were made; all foiled. Technical Sergeant Wayne Walls, however, failing to be deterred by others’ failures, had his own ideas and did manage to grab hold of the little guy (Charlie, that is; not the Chief) and dart out of the hotel and into the night. Unfortunately for Wayne, the Chief had remained in peak condition far beyond the expectancy of his many years, and after a twenty-minute chase across the reaches of Fort Walton Beach, launched a flying tackle and downed the fleeing Walls. Charlie was safe once again – dependent upon which side one was cheering for. The next morning, under full Security Police escort, Charlie was a distinguished guest aboard the General’s Scott AFB-bound aircraft.
To expect Charlie to remain at Scott AFB and become a fully qualified headquarters puke was to believe in the tooth fairy, or that PJs had run out of excuses for losing their diving watches. After fitting ceremonies at HQ, Charlie was sent TDY to Kirtland AFB for requalification with a student PJ class. And, once again, Charlie began his travels…

1984PJ ReunionFt. Walton Beach, FLTony Willis
1984HQ ARRSScott AFB, ILDave Milsten
198567th ARRSWoodbridge, UKM. Brown and Ken Svoboda
198540th ARRS, Det 4Hill AFB, UTM. Brown
1986PJ ReunionAlbuquerque, NMGuest Appearance
198867th ARRSWoodbridge, UKWard Warren
1988PJ ReunionFt Walton, FLGuest Appearance
198855th ARRSEglin AFB, FLGarcia, Shephard and Team
19881720th STGHurlburt Field, FLTrujullo, Smith and Cardona
19891550 ATTWKirtland AFB, NMJim Morris
198923rd AF, Det ?Kirtland AFB, NMRay Cooper’s Team
1990PJ ReunionAlbuquerque, NMGuest Appearance
1990210th ARRSAnchorage, AKB. Hickson
19901550 ARRSLittle Rock AFB, ARJim Derrick Team
1992PJ ReunionFt. Walton Beach, FLGuest Appearance
199223rd STSHurlburt Field, FLSrA Kelly & SrA Murphy
199424th STSPope AFB, NCUnknown

Charlie was obviously beginning to dig PJ reunions. However, in 1994 he failed to make his 10th Anniversary Return-to-Active-Duty Celebration due to his current unit’s preparation for the impending invasion of Haiti. He was sorely missed, but being the hard-core, blood-lusting mascot that he is, he could not pass up the opportunity for a possible fight with the bad guys of the world.
Naturally, the drive to acquire – and retain – Charlie as a team acquisition is a priority goal for all PJs. It is the visual demonstration of a team’s ingenuity, pride, esprit de corps, tenacity, drive – its wherewithal – to get the mission accomplished. Charlie the PJ is the spirit of PARARESCUE made visible.

2021 PJ Reunion Charlie absconding

1996USAF PJ SchoolKirtland AFB, NMArrived via US Mail, sender unknown
1997PentagonWashington, DCMiller
1998PentagonWashington, DCMiller
1998ANG PentagonWashington, DCDave Power
1998UnknownOkinawa, JapanUnknown
1998PJ ReunionLas Vegas, NVGuest Appearance
1998304th RQSPortland, ORTerlikowski, Mortensen and Team
199866 RQSNellis AFB, NVUnknown
1999304th RQSPortland, ORTurtle and Ross
1999304th RQSBosnia, Albania, Macedonia, KosovoN/A – Tour of Duty
1999USAF PJ SchoolKirtland AFB, NMPJ Class 00-01
1999304th RQSPortland, ORUnknown
1999PJ Class GraduationKirtland AFB, NMGuest Appearance
199923rd STSHurlburt Field, FLIsaacks, Clark and Team
2000PJ RetireesFt. Walton Beach, FLCharlie and Vivian Jenkins, KO and Barbara Kelly, Jim and Marie Watson, Chuck Straley, Rick Chapman, Aaron Farrior, Joe Vigare & Pappy Lacasse
200023rd STSHurlburt Field, FLReturned by PJ retirees
2000Joint Canadian/USAF Pararescue ReunionHalifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaEscorted by the 23rd STS PJs
200024th STSPope AFB, NCSteve Billman, Mike Atkins and Kevin Baum
2001123rd STSLouisville, KYKerry Miller
2002123rd STSAfghanistanN/A – Tour of Duty
200238 RQSMoody AFB, GASMSgt Sine
200258 RQSNellis AFBSSgt Roberts and Debbs
200338 RQSIraqN/A – Tour of Duty
200324th STSPope AFB, NCBrian Jackson
201023 STSHurlburt Field, FL???
201158 RQSNellis AFB, NVTravis Shaw
2021320 STSKadena AB, JPCaleb Mauchly
2021306 RQSDavis-Monthan AFB,AZ

Where Charlie is today is anyone’s guess. But one thing is certain, he’s out there, somewhere, appearing in the least expected locations, and disappearing whenever his absconders fail to adhere to the age old combat adage: You Snooze, You Lose!
Good traveling, Charlie!

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  1. Contact Konrad Schwinn, current PJ coordinator, based out of the Pentagon but working from home base in Tucson due to Covid restrictions. I know for a fact and have seen pictures of him rescuing Charley from Iceland(?) sometime in the mid 2010-2020 time frame – He presented Charley at the PJ awards ceremony later that year in ABQ(?) at which he was one of the award recipients. At that time Charley was again absconded at the end of the ceremony by a group of senior PJ’s with the avowed purpose to put him in a securely locked cage, visible but untouchable and stop all the ruckus and damages occurring over Charley. Konrad has spent much of his career at Davis Monthan AB running two teams before being escalated to Career Field coordinator (not sure of official title) but not sure if this had anything to do with Charley currently being located there.

  2. As an absconder of Charlie, who should I reach out to to amend the record of the units he “PCSed” to? There are two missing between 2019 and 2021. Thanks!

  3. Yo! We need updates! The 58th RQS had him from Sept 9 2022, gracefully acquired during Ivan Ruiz’s retirement, until May 2023 when he was gracefully handed over to Kirtland.

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