Proficiency is Perfection – AF Special Warfare

Proficiency is Perfection

EDINBURGH, Ind. – Members of the 113th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS), 181st Intelligence Wing, Indiana Air National Guard were evaluated on close air support (CAS) operations during an exercise at Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana, Sept. 12, 2018.

“We conduct CAS training so our Joint Terminal Air Controllers on the ground can communicate with live aircraft over the range and go through the process of putting bombs on target,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Ryan Harvey, commander, 113th ASOS.

The 113th ASOS consist of battlefield Airmen and staff who deploy with joint forces troops to forward locations, and provide information regarding air support assets to forward deployed commanders.

“Our primary mission is to support the ground commander when they get into situations that close air support is needed,” said Harvey.

The Tactical Air Control Party (TAC-P) Airmen face rigorous mental and physical training to maintain the highest level of readiness.

“Keeping our guys safe while bringing close air support in to neutralize the target is very important to us,” said Harvey. “That is why we do these training exercises because this builds muscle memory and that helps when they get into stressful situations, so the process is second nature.”

The TAC-Ps remain ready to respond in times due to their rigorous training.

“We are trained to stay proficient at our job. There is a lot that goes into it. It is not an easy thing to do,” said U.S. Air Force Senior Airmen Avery Gambill, JTAC, 113th ASOS. “Training on the skills that we have is very important to us.”



Story by Staff Sgt. Lonnie Wiram 

181st Intelligence Wing Public Affairs  


Story is extracted from DVIDS