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Air Force’s ‘Ranger Assessment Course’ set for May 13th

From the AF Portal

On 13 May 2019, The Air Force Security Forces Center will host a Ranger Assessment Course (RAC), previously known as Pre-Ranger. This course will be co-located at the Tropic Lightning Academy, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and is available to all Air Force Personnel in the ranks of E4 and above.

RAC affords students the opportunity, by practical application, to develop and prove themselves in a rugged course of instruction in order to determine whether or not they are ready to attend the US Army Ranger Course. RAC is stress-oriented and develops within the student the ability to lead and command under heavy mental, emotional, and physical stress. The emphasis is on practical, realistic, and strenuous field exercises using the infantry rifle squad as the training vehicle to accomplish this development.

RAC is taught using the most current battlefield infantry skills according to Ranger School doctrine. Emphasis is placed on developing military skills in the planning and execution of dismounted squad size operations.

Learning opportunities are numerous, but RAC is fast paced and designed as an evaluation/selection course for those Air Force personnel who strive to attend the US Army Ranger Course. It is open to both Active duty/Reserve males and females, of any AFSC.

All RAC related material can be found on AFRIT at or by entering the AF portal and go through AEF Online>AFRIT>Tab 17: Security Forces where you will find the Operations Order, and the RAC CY19 Student Guide. Additionally, under tab 17 you can find the Student Information Sheet; which is needed from your leadership in order to enroll.

Additionally, Cadre have formed a Facebook page “Airmen Prep for Ranger School” which helps candidates receive the most up to date guidance from Cadre.

If you have any questions. Please contact MSgt Dwight Scott and TSgt Keegan Donnelly after having fully read the guidance in AFRIT.
(Find their emails on the global or find the original article on the AF Portal).

For a recent take on an Airman completing Ranger School, check out TSgt Dallas Rodgers’ experience in this DVIDS article

Our Take on RAC

If you are looking to crosstrain to AFSPECWAR, RAC can be a beneficial course that can prepare you physically and mentally for A&S. RAC and Ranger School will make you a better leader and follower. From that perspective, we can not recommend attending RAC and Ranger School highly enough.

On the flip side, any selection course such as this is physically demanding and can open yourself up for injury. One of the leading reasons for failure for A&S applicants is injuries, typically caused before the selection course and have yet to heal. Attending RAC and/or Ranger School is a calculated risk in this regard. If you anticipate going to A&S within a year, we recommend strongly weighing the pros of leadership and experience gains vs the possibility of injury. In the end, make an educated decision about your future.

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