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PJ Medcast 26 – Mass Casualty Incidents

For the new PJ this will provide you with a foundation of operating in a mass casualty incident. Exercising these concepts in a crawl, walk, run fashion will create proficiency. Accountability, security, triage, patient movement/treatment/ and packaging are the hallmarks for MCI ops. This is a core skill for Pararescuemen.

PJ Medcast 25 – MCI on a Cutter

“This episode brings in new formats including a brief AAR of training with the USCG and lessons learned performing an MCI on a Cutter, as well as an introduction to the discussion of human performance issues.”

PJ Medcast 24 – Travel Medicine Part 2

This podcast continues the discussion of travel medicine relevant to patrol medicine issues, as well as self care on deployment. It focuses on symptom management and general classification of common illnesses.

PJ Medcast 23 – Travel Medicine

The next few podcasts will discuss travel medicine. These concepts are important for self care, sick call and patrol medicine. This podcast introduces travel medicine by creating a travel medicine list with a discussion of the indications for the medications.

PJ Medcast 21 – Capnography

Capnography is not only the gold standard for confirming tracheal intubation, it is a valuable tool in managing a patient on a ventilator and in other critical care scenarios.

PJ Medcast 19 – OB/GYN Emergencies

This podcast will review the most important OB-GYN issues for a PJ to be aware of with pregnant patients in the Civil SAR realm or in a trauma setting. Some of the thinking was inspired by the DM PJ’s experience as the first responders to a multi-vehicle pile up after an Arizona dust storm.

PJ Medcast 13 – TBI Part 2

This second podcast on TBI will describe why the treatments we render are so important to preserve brain function. Please refer to the following website for more detailed and support information: dvbic.dcoe.mil/