How to Do a 50m underwater – AF Special Warfare

How to Do a 50m underwater

From the PJ Pool Wizard Series.  Video of a 50m underwater with good form.  Notice the lack of panic/fast stroking at the end.  Very impressive.

2 thoughts on “How to Do a 50m underwater”

    1. Absolutely; look down at the bottom of the pool. If you tilt your head up, three things happen that are not good:
      1) You get anxious to get to the wall faster. This will make you impatient and less efficient.
      2) This will make your body less streamlined.
      3) With your head kinked up, you are not relaxed. Underwaters/freediving should be in a relaxed state to minimze oxygen consumption/co2 buildup.

      You should know how many strokes it takes you to get to the wall. If you don’t know, find out. I know I am always 6 1/2 strokes. One stroke out, maybe take a look to make sure you are where you thought you are.

      The only times I would say that this may not apply is:
      1) Doing 10-ups or over and backs because there is no reference marker to stay straight when swimming the width of the pool and you dont want to hit guys coming the opposite direction. -and-
      2) If you know instructors are attempting to shark you in the pool.

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